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Ivory Claws
Name: Ivory Claw
Plural: Ivory Claws
First Tongue translation: Tzuumfin
Totem: Hathis-Ur, the Silver Wolf
Renown: Purity
Favoured Prey: Those, who disrespect their lineage (the Forsaken in specific)

The Ivory Claws are one of the three Pure Tribes. They strive to become the purest among the Pure, by eradicating the mongrelized bastards that have bent knee before Luna.

They focus on Gifts of Agony, Scourging, Warding and Dominance.


The Ivory Claws practice a culture of territorial xenophobia – they not only mistrust their enemies and those strangers, but also their own allies at times. Despite this, most Ivory Claws are willing to overlook matters of human ethnicity. They know that their bloodline has spread far through the world, and that all of those who are found to be Pure have a place in their Tribe. Initaition rites often involve displays of dominance, fire, pure water and ritualistic tortures through silver to imitate the suffering of their Totem. The lawgivers of the tribe often proclaim laws of diet, behavior and clothing to the tribe, claiming that they are given to them by Silver Wolf to test the self-control of his children. Unlike the other Pure Tribes, the Ivory Claws accept no converts from the Tribes of the Moon, and even Wolf-blooded that descend from them are hold up to great scrutiny. The Ivory Claws are also the tribe of the pure that are the most involved in hunting turncoats of the three Tribes, often assassinating the defector quietly and without greater ado.

The Tribal Oath is not one singular oath, but many guidelines that are given to them directly by Silver Wolf. The most important of them is “Call no whelp of lesser blood your brother or sister”. Others include a ban against consuming seeds, honoring Luna in any way, wearing plant fibers, allowing the living and the (un)dead to intermingle and creating abstract works of art.


The Tzuumfin follow Hathis-Ur, the proudest and most pained child of Father Wolf. The Forsaken tell a story called “The Howl of Silver Wolf’s Failure”, where Hathis-Ur challenged Urfahrah alone, certain that he could defeat him. Father Wolf, however, defeated him and wounded him, so that Silver Wolf was absent when the other Firstborn killed the Great Wolf. His fury against the Forsaken is that they managed what he could not do, and as a result, he seeks to kill them all. The Ivory Claws instead hold that Silver Wolf was in love with Luna, but that this turned into violent hatred when she commanded her children to slay Urfahrah. In rage, Hathis-Ur lunged for the Moon, slaying dozens of Lunes, but was eventually defeated and thrown back to the Earth. Luna cursed him by turning his coat of fur into pure silver, causing him eternal agony. Only in the vicinity of those Uratha that had not turned against Father Wolf, and by the scent of spilled blood from the traitors, was Hathis-Ur able to find a small measure of solace. In return for the service of the Ivory Claws, Silver Wolf endures the pain of his silver coat.


Of all the Pure, the Ivory Claws are most comfortable in urban regions. Theyare the most likely Pure werewolves to take on “ordinary” human jobs and try to live as part of human society. Ivory Claws often mark their territories and make great attempts of forming barriers to the outside world, to keep impure creatures outside their area of influence.

The HuntEdit


The Ivory Claws pride themselves on elaborate pedigrees that prove their purity. Wolf-blooded from these families are greatly respected once they undergo the First Change. Power within the tribe passes through the blood, rather than by challenge or other nonsensical “tests of fitness” as seen in other tribes. The Ivory Claws see this as right and correct, and the evidence of its correctness is obvious to them: If a given Ivory Claw is a strong leader, he survives to breed with humans who provide werewolf offspring. If one of those children becomes Uratha (with the blood of the tribe, of course) and survives to adulthood, then clearly she is strong enough to carry on her ancestor’s bloodline.



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