The Isle of Eurydice serves as the Seat of Fate, the headquarters for the Legion of Fate, as well as their leaders the Ladies of Fate, and the eminent Lady of Fate. The Isle is unique among the Seats of the Legions as it is the only one not located in Stygia itself.

The island itself is rocky and difficult to approach, making it a natural fortification for the Legion of Fate. Spectres are constantly drawn to the Isle, the only settled wraith civilization for miles around; the Legion uses these Spectres to train Legion members in fighting and as material for the forges.

A large, sprawling mansion in the Iberian style, the Seat of Fate nonetheless manages to remain one with the island it rests on. Most notable are the trees that grow in the many courtyards of the building; these trees are the only growing wood in the Dark Kingdom of Iron and, along with the reeds along the River of Death, are one of the few sources of paper in the Underworld. Also produced here is the precious Doomed Stygian Steel, a rare material for making weapons and armor. The rooms continue down well underneath the Seat, eventually merging into the Labyrinth itself.


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