The Islands of Flint, known to Stygian cartographers as the Dark Kingdom of Flint, are the domain of the wraithly natives of North America. Once, they held sway over the Shadowlands of North America, from the Rio Grande on upwards, but with the coming of the Europeans, and the advent of Stygia, they withdrew to islands in the Tempest, hence their name.

There are, roughly speaking, five large power blocs of Native American wraiths, which exist in relative peace among themselves: the Iroquois Nation, the Council of Tribes, the Cherokee Nation, the People of Peace, and the Inuit.

The Byways that link the Islands are safe and easy to access; pathways to the Shadowlands, however, are difficult to find. There are few places in the Shadowlands where Flint is strong, even on reservations, most notably burial mounds, holy sites, and battlegrounds. The largest Shadowlands population of Native American wraiths is in the Great Plains.

As far as Stygia is concerned, the Native wraiths have either been assimilated, or are long gone. Official policy is that Flint strongholds are Spectre haunts, to be avoided, based on the fact that when large numbers of Stygian troops investigate, they find nothing, while smaller numbers are themselves never found again.

It should be noted that while rendering down the soul of a Native wraith is anathema in the Islands, no such compunction exists in regards to Stygian wraiths; this is, in large part, why the five Councils do not contest Stygia's dominance at the moment.


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