For the Pandoran Mockery, see Ishtari
Name: Ishtarri
Plural: Ishtarri
Pronunciation: ish'-tar-ree
Nicknames: Gluttons
Disciplines: Celerity, Fortitude, Presence
Parent Clan: Toreador

The Ishtarri are one of the legacies of Laibon. The Ishtarri claim to be descended from the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, but currently lack the personal connection with Africa that the similar Guruhi have. The Ishtarri are the only Laibon legacy that are not native to Africa ; however, through manipulation and diplomacy, they have become an important part of Laibon culture. Most Ishtarri seem to specialize in information; they consider spying an essential pastime, and usually have many valuable contacts and allies to exploit as needed. There is also no Laibon group more infatuated with mortals than the Ishtarri; many feel the need to keep a constant connection to the kine, even as the other Laibon tend to shun them. Those who are Embraced by the Ishtarri tend to claim those who they want to be among their ranks, but not necessarily those who are best for the legacy. The especially beautiful are a common target, but so are those who represent a vice the Ishtarri find irresistible.

The Ishtarri seem to have a combination of the weaknesses of the Toreador and Ravnos clans. Like the Ravnos, the Ishtarri each have a vice that they absolutely must indulge, lest it drive them mad, however such vices focus on the beautiful and/or sensual, giving them something in common with the Toreador.

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The original outline for Ebony Kingdom confirms that the Ishtarri are intended to be a Toreador bloodline.

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