For the Laibon Legacy, see Ishtarri.

The Ishtari are the Pandoran Mockery of the Tammuz Lineage of Prometheans. They are named for the goddess wife of Tammuz, Ishtar, who descended into hell and set demons upon her husband.

In an inversion of the Tammuz desire to be free, Ishtari seek to imprison Prometheans so that they may feed on their Pyros slowly. When wakened from dormancy, they set traps to ensnare their prey, and are willing to provide food and electricity to prolong the life of their captives. Ishtari prefer to exist underground - a perfect location in which to hide both themselves and their captives.

Dormant Ishtari, in a further perversion of the Golem, resemble earthen forms, such as stone, boulders, or even pieces of masonry in more urban areas. They blend into the landscape almost perfectly.


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