Ishhara, the Visage of Longing is one of the Apocalyptic Forms available to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Lammasu.

The Ishhara are among the most beautiful Fallen to human eyes; they have a perfect appearance, similar to descriptions from romantic poetry; however, this appearance radiates purity over lust. They have golden, compelling voices that spur others to do as they command. High-Torment Ishhara are just as beautiful, but their beauty is tempered by a dark edge, especially a hatred that reflects in their eyes. Sometimes their beauty acquires a lustful edge, while at other times it completely overwhelms the mortal mind.

The Ishhara had the most uncomfortable role before the Rebellion; their purpose was to serve as muses to humanity without revealing themselves and violating God's decree. Many found these commands frustrating, and ironically developed a sense of longing themselves to be among the humans they loved. The Ishhara were among one of the largest groups to join forces with Lucifer, but it would seem that the Ishhara, whose lone purpose was to inspire desire, were consumed with it themselves. Even worse, their powers corrupted humanity with greed and gluttony, and made many Ishhara resentful; it seemed like some humans were never satisfied. In modern times, the Ishhara seem to be split between those who still wish to help humanity, and those who resent their greed.

Background informationEdit

Ishhara was the name of the Assyrian goddess of the oath.

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