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Iris DuMont


- Ravenna




Followers of Set





Iris DuMont, known in Cainite circles as Ravenna, is the high priestess of the Setite temple in Washington D.C.


The woman that would become Ravenna was born on Haiti as the daughter of a plantage worker and french noble. Her mother died in childbirth and her father attempted to give her a better life than most of the mulattos.

During the revolution of 1794, DuMont fought alongside against the french occupators and earned the respect of a voodoo houngan. The Houngan introduced her to his master, a Setite Elder, who took her in and introduced her to the world of the Kindred.

When the french returned in 1802, DuMont, now known as Ravenna, fled to the United States. After a promising career in various temples, she settled in Washington D.C, reestablishing the temple hidden away in the sewers of the city. Ravenna took a major interest in the local drug market and, around the presidency of Ronald Reagan, managed to gain a major hold upon it. She also began to work closely together with the Anarchs to cement her position.

Recently, Ravenna has experienced intense visions of Set's return, possibly heralding Gehenna. This only furthered her devotion and she began to search for ways to raise her standing in her Clan.

Her fate following the Sabbat conquest of Washington D.C from the Camarilla is not known.


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