Ioan Brancoveanu


-Ioan Brancoveanu cel Macelar

-the Hammer of the Tremere

-the Butcher






Lukasz Brancoveanu



Ioan Brancoveanu was a Tzimisce Voivode during the Dark Ages. He was a briliant warlord, known as "the Hammer of the Tremere" or "the Butcher", for the remarkably grisly examples (yes, even for a Fiend) that he has made of captured Tremere. His lands lie in the mountains south-east of Karlsburg and south-west of Hermanstadt.


Although ruthless, this childe of Lukasz was deemed an honorable Tzimisce who abide by his clan's traditions. Like his sire, Ioan declared the intent to separate Rachlav from his head and made a very dedicated attempt at collecting on that vendetta. Rachlav escaped by the skin of his teeth, and by virtue of hiding behind his sire’s skirts. Ioan never declared his honor satisfied, and has not rescinded his intent to murder his uncle.

Ioan harbored no less a koldun than the Shaper priestess of the Mother herself, Danika Ruthven, childe of the eldest of the bogatyri kin-lines (as sheltering a koldun within one’s court is a mark of some honor among the clan), and a Vlaszy named Vlastimir was his lieutenant. Ioan himself was a koldun, a master of the ways of the air.

Around 1233 he agreed on a peace treaty proposed by Myca Vykos: he knows that Vladimir Rustovich is in disgrace, and Noriz is finally trying to regain his glory. He does not like that... well he does not like his sire or his uncle or his grandfather Noriz, but bends to the will of his Blood, against the Tremere, even aware that this effort is doomed to failure. 

Shortly after these events, the Tremere launch an attack on his lands. Ioan fend them off, and petitions for the assemble of the Tzimisce against Ceoris. He is entrusted with the command of the siege of the mighty Tremere fortress.


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