The Inward Way is a special Discipline developed by the followers of Tempest of Inward Focus Dharma. It has many similarities to the Equilibrium Discipline.

In line with their belief of oneness with the self in order to achieve the oneness with the Tau, the Discipline of the Inward Way is all about controlling the four imbalanced Virtues at the heart of the constantly whirling tempest within. A true master of the Inward Way manipulates her Yin and Yang Chi as well as her Hun and P'o with equal facility, and is always in complete control of her internal balance.

Official AbilitiesEdit

Included below are the official powers described in the Heresies of the Way.

Standard PowersEdit

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    • Inner Balance: The Kuei-jin gains greater control over his internal flow of chi.
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    • Rest upon the Blade: By entering a meditative trance, the Kuei-jin can either termporary raise his Willpower or enter a state where he has to expend no chi to substain himself.
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    • Scales of Need: The Kuei-jin gains a modicum control over his own internal chi balance
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    • Feed the Soul: By performing a series of pranas in complete isolation, the Kuei-jin can shift and manipulate the control his dual souls hold over him, allowing him to transfer virtue points from either his Hun or P'o to the respective other soul.
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    • Flowing with the Down: The Kuei-jin disperses into pure chi, allowing him to travel along a dragon line


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