The Insect Wars were a genocidal war campaign in prehistory, waged by the Ananasi against the Insect Races - insectoid shifters - who were originally created by the Weaver to protect Gaia, but who later pledged themselves to her mad task of bringing perfect order into the Tellurian. As the Insect Races waged war against the rest of creation in order to serve their creator, the Ananasi fought them, as there were too few other Fera to oppose them.

The battles themselves were swift and merciless, and even when the Insect Races were prepared to surrender, the Ananasi slaughtered them and annihilated their entire species on the behalfs of their Queen Ananasa. They also rewove the spirits of the insects in order to forever divide them from a union with flesh. Because the Weaver was too busy in binding the Wyrm, she noticed the destruction of her children only when they were already gone.

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