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The Inner Council of Seven, also referred to as the Council of Seven and the Inner Council, are the seven eldest and highest-ranking active members of clan Tremere's Pyramid. Each of them is an advisor of the clan's founder, Tremere himself.


The body of the Council is descended from the original seven conspirators, including Tremere, who founded the chantry of Ceoris; this group eventually became the group of seven mages who were artificially Embraced as the first Tremere vampires.

After the founder Tremere committed diablerie on Saulot and transformed the Tremere into a full-fledged clan, he established the Council of Seven from his honorary childer, blood bound them to himself, and scattered them across various domains in Europe and the Middle East.

Centuries later, as European Kindred and kine had spread across the globe, the Council likewise expanded their domain: where each Councilor had originally led the Tremere of one specific region of Europe, each would now preside over an entire continent.

Founding MembersEdit

The known founding members of the Inner Council are

Current MembersEdit

As of 1995, the members of the inner council were:

Although both Children of the Night and Clanbook: Tremere Revised deliberately avoid naming the exact membership of the Council, numerous sources have confirmed that Etrius and Meerlinda are still Councilors in the Final Nights, and Grimgroth is implicitly the "former Tremere" who appears in Blood Treachery.

The current membership list above is reiterated in VTM: Encyclopaedia Vampirica Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip, although that book contradicts current VtM canon (and sometimes also contradicts itself) in numerous instances.


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