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The Inner Circle is the organizing council of the Camarilla. Practically nothing is known about the Inner Circle, which takes pains to keep the identity of its members hidden. The public face of the Inner Circle are the Justicars and their Archon assistants. Members of the Inner Circle elect Justicars and otherwise establish the principles of Camarilla law.

The Inner Circle is often assumed to be a council of the most powerful Princes in the Camarilla. It is thought that Hardestadt, one of the sect's Founders, holds a seat in the Inner Circle.

Meetings Edit

The Inner Circle meets every 13 years in Venice, and at these meetings they select new Justicars and further decide the direction of the sect, as outlined in the Promise of 1528 with the Giovanni Clan. [1]Every Clan is permitted one representative, usually the eldest member of the clan, as only the eldest may cast the Clan’s vote.

Using the knowledge that they met in 1998 (the date Xaviar was appointed to be Justicar), we can move backwards to determine previous years in which they have gathered. Therefore, the years they have met include:

15th century Edit

  • 1491: First gathering of Elders which later forms the Camarilla in 1493.

16th century Edit

  • 1504: Second meeting
  • 1517: Third meeting
  • 1530: Fourth meeting
  • 1543: Fifth meeting
  • 1556: Sixth meeting
  • 1569: Seventh meeting
  • 1582: Eighth meeting
  • 1595: Ninth meeting

17th century Edit

18th century Edit

19th century Edit

20th century Edit

Note Edit

If the Time of Judgment series is ignored along with the end of the publication of Vampire: The Masquerade, the next five gatherings are in the following years:

  • 2011: 41st meeting
  • 2024: 42nd meeting
  • 2037: 43rd meeting
  • 2050: 44th meeting
  • 2063: 45th meeting

References Edit

  1. Clanbook: Giovanni, p.16

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