Inconnu Thaumaturgy is the thaumaturgic style of the adherents of the Inconnu.


The magic of the Inconnu tends to be a slower, more subtle style of casting, closer to meditation than to the Hermetic stylings of the Tremere clan. The Inconnu use physical focuses, from religious iconography and artifacts, to crystals and perpetual motion trinkets, all designed to liberate the mind and elevate the mind into a higher state of consciousness. Although many members of the Inconnu are practiced in other styles of magic, they prefer to utilize subtle sorceries, contemplative methods, and expansion of the mind and soul in the practice of their thaumaturgy.

The Inconnu believe that all magic is no more than an exercise of the will, fueled supernaturally by vampiric vitae. This belief lends itself to their practice of paths, rituals, and other magic. An Inconnu’s casting style is unique; quiet and meditative, they focus their inner consciousness (some might call it their “third eye”) and push their spirit to the task. Rather than manipulating the world around them through ritual implements, complex arcane tools, verbal cues, or physical gestures, they center themselves in a moment of absolute silence and complete focus, and then unleash their magical power through a single primary focus — and into the world.


  • Hidden Haven (Level 2 Thaumaturgy Ritual)
  • Father’s Freedom (Level 3 Thaumaturgy Ritual)
  • Warding Circle versus Technology (Level 5 Thaumaturgy Ritual)


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