Inauhaten was a mummy who was discovered by the Idran of the Tal'Mahe'Ra back in their early days. It was Inauhaten who first told the Tal'Mahe'Ra of Enoch and of the Aralu. In exchange for the protection of his body while Inauhaten was waiting for resurrection he lead the Tal'Mahe'Ra to the city in the Shadowlands and helped them capture Enoch for the first time.

Inauhaten is a high-ranking member of the True Black Hand and while not technically a member of the Council of Thirteen he sits on the council holding equal position with the Wazirs.

The destruction of Enoch and the following Maelstrom ravaged great parts of the underworld and shattered many Undying into spirit fragments. It seems unlikely that Inauhaten survived the storms.