Name: Imagineer
Nicknames: Dreamsmiths
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Free Council
Arcana: Spirit

The Imagineers are a Legacy that is dedicated to the study of the astral realm of the Tenemos in order to discover lost secrets and ideas. They are known to clash with Atlantean dogma more than once for their liberal thinking.


The imagineers see Magic as the power to imagine something that didn't exist before and make it real. The Awakened can do so directly, but Sleepers have to do it the hard way, and some Imagineers wonder who gets the better part of that deal; they admire fine craftsmanship, after all, and there's a great deal to be said for having to work for something rather than having it given to you. Still, the mages of this Legacy believe in using what you are given to its fullest extent, and in the magic of creation and imagination. Although there have always been crafters with a touch of the arcane to them, the Imagineers trace their origins to the development of the science of psychology and the study of the mind.

In particular, they owe many of their ideas to theories about dreaming, imagination, and the universal unconscious. Young willworkers in the 19th century studied these ideas, and placed the mind at the summit of the mystic hierarchy. The Temenos, they claimed, was the source of all things that could be imagined, thus the entire contents of the mind was born there, and all creations of the mind had their roots deep in that realm. If all things of the mind ultimately came from the Temenos, they reasoned, then that realm was a treasure trove of all that could ever possibly be imagined. It was simply a matter of exploring deeply enough to find what the dream consciousness of Creation had to offer, and to bring those nuggets of inspiration back and manifest them in the Fallen World, like divers plumbing the ocean depths for pearls and sunken treasure. The Imagineers swore not only to explore hitherto unknown realms of thought, but to bring them to the people. Imagineer lore speaks of great masters of their Legacy who became so at home in the Temenos and the deepest parts of the Astral Realm they were able to transcend their physical being altogether. Some believe these masters -- great scholars and artists all -- became beings of pure thought and imagination after their physical deaths.

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