Ilyana Ravidovich











Ilyana Ravidovich is a Camarilla Archon who guards nuclear missiles and tries to unpuzzle the secret of Baba Yaga's sudden demise on behalf of the Inner Circle.


Ilyana grew up in Belgrade and proved herself a prodigy at chess, much to the delight of her father. Ilyana, however, quickly grew bored with the game and became involved with Gavrilo Princip, knowing little that his later deed at Sarajevo would spark World War I. There, she was swept into the ranks of the Russian Revolution and later accepted Soviet citizenship in 1920. She returned to chess and was soon discovered by the Soviets and she became a teacher of the game. This earned her the interest of a native Ventrue, as her pupils regulary won junior championships. When she was promoted to cracking codes, she was ghouled and also provided with copies of correspondence between the ruling Brujah Council that had arisen during the Revolution. She failed at the task, but her domitor decided to Embrace her regardless, certain that her talents would prove useful for the Clan.

Since that time, Ilyana has served faithfully and was eventually elevated to the position of Archon. She was tasked with deducing the influence of Baba Yaga and the Shadow Curtain. To her surprise however, she also found out about the ley lines and the castles that provided the geomantic web to bind an ancient demonic entity into the transylvanian soil. Believing that the Web served originally to bind the Hag, Ilyana begins to suspect the gears of Jyhad on a global scale, following the evidences and found a nuclear missile silo in a crumbling castle in Romania. Dedicating herself to solve the riddle of the missiles, the geomantic Web and Baba Yaga appearence and rapid disappearence, she stays at the castle, guarding the missiles.


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