Name: The Illumined Path
Nicknames: Guides
Path: Thyrsus
Order: any
Arcana: Forces

The Illumined Path are a Legacy among the mages of the Thyrsus path that are dedicated on aiding Awakenings.


The Illumined Path is a philosophy founded upon the principles of the Book of Graham. They believe that the Awakening is not a binary condition. That is, one is not either Asleep or Awakened. There are many subtle gradations, many points along a Sleeper's life at which he might perceive the Supernal Realms. The Illumined Path rejects the notion that Sleepers must carry the Abyss with them, and that they unconsciously foment Quiescence. All any Sleeper needs to see the world for what it is, to see magic, is guidance. This does mean, however, that some of the Guides believe the Abyss can be burned out of Sleepers. The right intensity of light -- a vulgar spell at the right moment, that is -- can immediately change Sleeper to Sleepwalker, or so the Legacy is taught.

Some Guides take a more martial approach, however, and spend their time hunting down mages and other beings that work to stifle constructive understanding of the magical world. Banishers and Tremere are favorite targets, though the Legacy does sometimes come into conflict (normally non-violent) with the Guardians of the Veil as well.

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