The psion excites the molecules of combustible objects, bursting them into flames. The materials must be readily flammable - although the psion can set someone's shirt on fire, he can't ignite her tongue.


Spend one point and roll Psi to cause a flammable target to burst into flames. The ignition point itself is only a few centimeters in size, but the fire it starts can grow and blaze for some time before burning out. Ignited targets burn for a number of turns equal to the Psi success rolled. The storyteller may increase this duration if the flammable target is of significant size or if it comes in contact with other combustible materials.

A person in contact with a burning object suffers two dice of lethal damage in the first turn, four dice the second turn and five dice each subsequent turn until the last in which the fire burns (during which damage dice return to two). If the fire lasts only three turns, ignore the five-dice effect. If the fire burns for only two turns, roll two dice of Lethal damage each turn. Injuries from fire are handled like any other fire damage. the victum stops taking damage if the flames are doused or she breaks contact with the source.

Your character can set off a target at a range of up to five times the mode's rating in meters (at 5 Pyrokinesis, he could ignite a target up to 25 meters away). At five dots in Pyrokinesis, he may light up a number of separate targets within range equal to his Psi score, simultaneously.

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