Iancu, also renowned as “Bloody John”, was a Brujah in the post-carthaginian era of his Clan. Fearing the retribution of the Ventrue, he fled into the north, until he fell into torpor in modern Lithuania. He awoke during the Middle Ages, when a band of Vikings attacked a fishing village. In frenzy, he drained every last of the attackers dry, earning him the favors of the village men. Afterwards, he swore allegiance to a local Tzimisce lord. He passionately hated the members of his Clan that were not in Carthage during the attack, despite some of them weren’t even born during the conflict. To this end, he commonly entered Frenzy and slayed entire villages in his anger, taking their fangs as trophies.

Iancu was put to Final Death when his liegelord eventually tired of his rampages.

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