Hypothermic Blast is a term used to describe the phenomenon in which a psion focuses a quick blast of supercooled air at a target. The sudden freezing effect visibly frosts the air between psion and subject, and can slow the target’s metabolism or even cause frostbite.


Spend one point and roll Psi in a resisted action against the target’s Endurance. Every extra success you roll translates into one Bashing Health Level applied to the victim (this damage bypasses soak). Additionally, every two extra successes put the target at +1 difficulty to all actions for the next three turns as her limbs become numb.

If the target has Thermal Screen up, she may add its rating to her Endurance total for the resisted roll. Your character may affect a target at a range of up to 10 times his Psi rating in meters. Upon reaching Four dots in Cryokinesis, your character may affect a number of targets equal to his Psi score, simultaneously (if they’re within range). Each target’s roll and the results are resolved individually against your single roll.



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