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Authors: Patrick O'Duffy, Greg Stolze and Chuck Wendig
World of Darkness created by Mark Rein•Hagen
Storyteller Game System Design: Mark Rein•Hagen
Developer: Ken Cliffe
Editor: Ed Hall
Devil's Advocate: Adam Tinworth
Hunter Roster Manager: John Meehan
Art Director: Pauline Benney
Layout and Typesetting: Pauline Benney
Interior Art: Steve Ellis, Brian LeBlank, Drew Tucker, Kieran Yanner
Front Cover Art: Jason Alexander
Front and Back Cover Design: Pauline Benney
White Wolf Hockey Special Thanks Chad "Third Man in" Brown (#14, Wing), for getting his first full-game-suspension.
Brian "Toe Save" Glass (#84, Goal/Wing), for throwing up a wall in the first game of the 2002 winter season.
Matt "I Hope I Make it to the Third" Milberger (#7, Wing), for needing to leave a game at a moment's notice in case the water breaks.
Mike "I Can Play Hung Over" Tinney (#11, Goal), for testing the powers of the Hockey and Booze Gods.
Fred "Sit, Gay Dog" Yelk (#56, Defense), for his own "undeclared" mascot.
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 2002
Pages: 124
Year: 2002
Publication #: WW 08133
Reference #: ISBN 1-58846-706-6
Price: US$19.95


From the White Wolf catalog:

Living the Dream
When hunters are first awakened to the supernatural, all they know is terror, paranoia and chaos. The unseen world is a nightmare. But the imbued have a dream. They imagine a paradise free from monsters' grip, a world of humanity's own. And they set out to achieve it, even if it means sacrificing everything they — and the rest of humanity — hold dear.
Free at Last
Hunter: Utopia explores ways in which hunters might strive to break monsters' hold over humanity, whether in a neighborhood, throughout a cty or across the world. But can such a Utopia be achieved? Can the monsters be defeated or is it an unattainable dream? You decide.

Prologue: FlightEdit

Introduction Edit

Chapter One: Hope Edit

Chapter Two: Rise... Edit

Chapter Three: ...and Fall Edit

Chapter Four: Fallout Edit

Chapter Five: Storytelling the Revolution Edit

Background InformationEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit



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