The Hunger is the drive of the Horror that is part of a Beast.


Hungers are special expressions of the Horror. They cast the "role" of it within the Primordial Dream. Because of this, Beasts generally accept that each of them has a particular need that has to be fulfilled, no matter how repulsive and immoral it might seem.

For Beasts, the Hunger is everything, a primal need that always lurks within them. Its complexity depends on a Beast's Satiety. Should a Beast have a very high Satiety, the demands of its Hunger will become increasingly complex. If it has low Satiety, any form that fits its particular Hunger will suffice.

A Beast can sate its Hunger in a number of ways, and a brood can often find a way to hunt that allows all of its members to increase Satiety. This, however, can lead to complications, since different Beast experience different Hungers. Sometimes, they need to go out and feast on their own. Others instead turn towards their Kin, seeing in them new, wonderful ways to sate themselves.

Forms of HungerEdit

  • The Hunger for Prey, which forms Predators
  • The Hunger for Power, which forms Tyrants
  • The Hunger for Punishment, which forms Nemeses
  • The Hunger for Ruin, which forms Ravagers
  • The Hunger for the Hoard, which forms Collectors


Beast: The Primordial Hungers

Collector · Nemesis · Predator · Ravager · Tyrant

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