Hunedoara is a dark medieval castle hidden high in the Carpatii Meridionali mountains of Eastern Romania, forbidding and desolate in its fading grandeur. It serves as the haven of the Inconnu's inner circle.


The castle was once the haven of Tzimisce Voivodes such as Damek Ruthven - and even contained a manifestation of the Tzimisce Antediluvian once. However, at some indeterminate point, Damek was slain by his Tzimisce enemies, and his childe Danika inherited some of his holding (such as Hunedoara).

Through Danika Ruthven, even before the Inconnu adopted the policy of removing themselves from Kindred politics, Hunedoara Castle had been a key location, proving members of the sect a comfortable resting place, nestled deep in the Carpathians.

Shortly after the Anarch Revolt, when the fear of diablerie and Final Death swept through the ranks of Inconnu society, the Council of Twelve gathered upon Hunedoara and initiated a dark, magical ritual, in which they summoned a demonic being called himself Nikanuuranu. In exchange for the sacrifice in blood, Nikanuuranu created a barrier that shielded Hunedoara from worldly incursions.



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