Human: The Protagonist was part of Black Dog Game Factory's World of Shadow setting. It's unknown who the developer was, but Günter Häagen•Däaz wrote at least part of the Introduction.[1]

Playing fantastic creatures is easy. We can all imagine how simple life would be if we had magical powers or superhuman abilities. In this game, however, you must play a normal person in a normal world. You must protect yourself from the world of imagination by playing someone who is perfectly ordinary. We all know how easy it is to kill a vampire or roam the earth as an undead zombie. This, however, is nothing compared to filling out a tax form or getting car insurance.

Background Information Edit

Human is a parody of White Wolf Game Studio's games in general. At the time (1995) there was no direct analogue to any published WW games, but with the benefit of hindsight it may be suggested that it's analogous to 1999's Hunter: The Reckoning or to the default mortal beginning state of characters in the Chronicles of Darkness roleplaying game; Human: The Protagonist inverts this, being a roleplaying game about the lives of ordinary people, possibly marketed to and played by ex-human monsters.

References Edit

  1. CTD: The Autumn People, p. 41

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