Name: House of Ariadne
Nicknames: Metropolitans
Path: Acanthus
Order: any
Arcana: Time

The House of Ariadne is a Legacy that embrace the city life and deal with mysterious geomantic lines which they call Ariadne's Threads.


The mages sworn to the House of Ariadne love everything about the city: The late nights, the crush of people, even the crime, the trash, the gang warfare, and the homeless. Every aspect of the city, the good and the bad, creates the chaos in which Acanthus mages thrive.

As a Metropolitan becomes more in tune with the energy of a city, she can follow a ley line wherever she likes. In time, she can learn to see a web of subtler lines, what the Legacy calls Ariadne's thread, spun throughout the city. The thread can follow a ley line or lead a mage on a meditative path through the city. All the threads together form the city's Knot. These threads allow the city to communicate with the Metropolitans.

Ariadne's thread can help a mage locate physical things, such as lost items or people, or abstract things, such as a safe hiding place away from prying magical eyes, Hallows or areas that have borne witness to great happiness, fear or other strong emotions. The threads can even lead to symbolic locations that express the city's own thoughts or messages to the mage. Each city has one House; there are not multiple organizations in cities, even the larger ones.


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