Name: House Fiona
Pronunciation: fee-O-nah

House Fiona is one of the noble houses of the Seelie Court.

Although the sidhe of House Fiona are considered flighty at best by most other nobles, they still have a natural aptitude for political power. They seem to regard it as some sort of game. Despite its political aptitude, House Fiona rarely uses its power offensively, preferring instead to maintain a strong defensive position within a stable status quo. Geographically, House Fiona holds far more land than any other house in Concordia. Its power extends over three kingdoms, ruled by a triad of three powerful women. The Kingdom of Northern Ice, ruled by Queen Laurel, includes all of Canada and Alaska. The Kingdom of Pacifica is ruled by Queen Aeron and the Kingdom of Apples is ruled by Queen Mab. House Fiona is the most egalitarian, and probably the most popular, of the noble houses. Much of its politics are driven by its strong romantic tendencies.

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Changeling: The Dreaming Houses

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