The nobility of changeling society divides themselves up into thirteen Houses. These nobles are predominantly sidhe, but various commoner kiths have been known to have titles as thanks for valiant deeds.

The Houses are:

Seelie Houses Edit

Unseelie Houses Edit

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  • Lost Houses
    House Scathach consists of both Seelie and Unseelie Sidhe; the House as a whole has decided not to side with either Court.
  • House Danaan is the mysterious "fourteenth house" which plays a part in several Endless Winter scenarios (as originally envisioned by Peter Woodworth). Like House Scathach, they are equally Seelie and Unseelie.
  • House Lorelei is one of the three Merfolk and represents Dagon in the Triat. It serves as hunters & warriors and is home to many predatory Apsarae. Like all mer houses it appears in Blood Dimmed Tides.
  • House Melusine is the smallest of the mer houses, representing the Shelled One in the Triat. Scholars marked as an oddity for the lack of 'gilled' Apsarae, their need for air has led to a lack of trust from some of their fellows.
  • House Syrinx is the largest of the mer houses and represents Vatea, the 'father of the merfolk' amongst his people. Their Apadarae includes many varieties of fish.

Changeling: The Dreaming Houses

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