Garou glyph for honor.

Garou gain Honor renown by upholding the ways of the Garou, showing respect to each other, and serving Gaia even when requires great sacrifice. Performing the Rites of the Garou often brings honor to the ritemaster. Helping to defend caerns, fetishes, people, or other places from the Wyrm brings honor to a Garou. Keeping Kinfolk safe and ensuring that the next generation of Garou are raised well bring Honor to a Garou.

Philodox and Ahroun are expected to strive after Honor. Philodox pursue it as their primary source of renown, while Ahroun pursue it as a secondary source.

Bastet, Corax, Gurahl, Kitsune, and Mokole also value Honor, though they may emphasize certain aspects more than others.

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