A Hobgoblin is the result of Quiet, the mystical insanity that befalls mages. In its essence, a Hobgoblin is a chimerical creature made out of Quintessence, spawned directly by the mages Quiet and often reflecting him or the nature his Quiet in some ways. Most Hobgoblins reflect some secrets or faults that the mage tries to hide and their forms can range from inanimate objects to people from the mages past that can interact not only with the mage, but with others as well. Most Hobgoblins delight in disrupting the mages work and aspirations, taunting him over his personal failures and strive to keep him distracted and advancing his Quiet.

Hobgoblins can be fought and driven back, but until the issue that spawned them in the first place is resolved, most tend to return.

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