The Herald acts as the Prince’s voice, making the Prince’s edicts known to the domain when the domain is too voluminous that the prince could do it by himself or simply appoint his seneschal for this task.

For example, a Herald recites the domain’s policies at Elysium, and speaks the results of any formal convocations where a Prince and her court define new laws. As well, a Herald announces the arrival of august and titled Kindred at formal events and at Elysium. This function can be abused, as a Herald may deliberately delay or misspeak the policy in question. Such Heralds rarely hold on to their positions after such treachery, however. If a Herald hasn’t spoken a policy aloud, that policy does not yet affect the Kindred. A Cainite can’t be retroactively held accountable for something he didn’t know broke the laws of the domain, especially if the policy recently changed or had been decided but not yet communicated.

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