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This page describes how to start a new WWWiki page. For a guide about using wiki markup, see how to edit a page.

Before startingEdit

Before you start a new page on WWWiki, you should always:

  • Familiarize yourself with our policies. Try to get a feel for how to best write an article. Our guidelines help ensure that the end result is useful for everyone!
  • Search first. Make sure that someone hasn't already started a similar page using a different title. (See Searching.)
  • Review naming conventions. Make sure that you are familiar with the procedure of choosing a name for your article.
  • Add links to your future article. Red links are links that point to an article that doesn't exist yet. (See below.)

Starting a new pageEdit

A new page may be started in one of the following ways:

  • Create a link to another page. While you are editing an existing page, and find a word or name that ought to have an article of its own, you can simply put it in double square brackets, [[like this]]. After saving the page, that word will link to the article, or will link to a form where that article may be created.
  • Start from an existing link. As you read through WWWiki articles, you'll come across links to pages that haven't been written yet (links that look like this). Clicking on this page will take you to a form, which will inform you that "You have followed a link to a page that doesn't exist yet." All you have to do is start typing in the edit box. When you're done, click the "Show preview" button to double-check what your article will look like and to find any mistakes. Then click the "Save" button.
  • Type out the URL. You can also go directly to a new page by adding its name to the WWWiki URL to create an address: — You replace the string "Sample_title" with your own title. If the article does not already exist, you will be shown a template page informing you of that fact. Then, click on the "edit this page" link, and begin typing your new article.
  • Start in the sandbox. You may also start writing your new article in the sandbox, which is a testing area for new members. You can edit the sandbox, add your link, and then click the link to add your new page. (Be careful! The sandbox is occasionally erased by the administrators, so be sure to back up any important work!)

Caveat: Try not to make your new articles orphans!

Additional tipsEdit

This help page references the classic editor. Note that the VisualEditor may behave differently.

Starting a new page on Wikia takes only a couple of clicks and is an important part of contributing to a community.

How to create a page01:19

How to create a

Watch to learn how to create a new page

Step by step

  • Click on the "Contribute" button on top right of your wikia. Here you will be presented with a dropdown menu where you will see a link to "Add a Page".
Contribute menu

  • The "Create a new article" box will open.
  • You can choose the article name by typing it in the box. This name will become the last part of the page's URL.
Create page dialog

  • Decide between a standard page layout or a blank page. The standard layout provides image and video placeholders as well as section headings. The preload contents for the "Standard layout" are stored at MediaWiki:Createpage-with-video on your wikia and can be edited by local admins.
Create page template page

  • A second way to create a page is by clicking on any red link on your wikia (which can be created by linking to a page that does not exist). You will then be brought into the editor where you can add your content.


CreatePage useroptions

The choices in Special:Preferences

The "Editing" tab of Special:Preferences includes options for page creation:

  • Use a blank page as default for creating a new page - this makes the 'Blank page' option the default on the 'Create a new article' box.
  • Disable "Create a new article" flow - if checked, this disables the box for you.

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