The concept of Hell is the end of the Descent and the realization of a Demons primary ambition.


Even among mortal theologians and scholars, what exactly constitutes Hell is debated. While visceral pictures of a realm of fire and brimstone where humans are punished for their sins exists across multiple religions, others are more esoteric and describe Hell as much as a state of being (according to a christian perspective, the severing of any ties to God's forgiveness) or perspective( Hell is oneself/other people). To the Unchained, these concepts are all possible pathways that are pursued.

Every Unchained has its own plan to reach Hell. Agendas provide a general outlook on what Hell could be and enough infrastructure to (hopefully) reach it. When a Demon reaches what it defines as Hell, it usually finds some kind of satisfaction. For others, getting everything they dreamed about when they Fell turns out to be anticlimactic. No message informs them that they have completed their mission, and that lack of acknowledgment of success can be difficult. Even those that believe themselves in Hell must be careful, lest the God-Machine find them again.

Ciphers are usually regarded as an important step to reach Hell.

Forms of HellEdit

Some forms of Hell are less grandiose than others. Some of the Unchained believe that living a simple, mortal life, without contact with the supernatural, would be a perfect Hell. Others seek control over all information, mastering the occult physics that the God-Machine accesses or even going so far as to destroy the Machine entirely, creating realms outside its influence or even subverting it enough to control it. For Integrators, Hell often means reacceptance by their Creator.

One set of Tempters, called Devils, seek to create a Hell made in the image of mythological Hells, where they can torment those that crossed them for all eternity.