Hell, also called the Inferno, Pandaemonium and every other mythical appropiate name, is the domain of a breed of True Demons that seek to reach this world.


Hell's true form is impossible to define. No one who has traveled into Hell has ever left, and demons usually tell exactly that what their summoner wants to hear. What can be known is that it is a realm of sin and lack, seeking to possess and to take in without giving back. While Hell is distanced from this world, its influence can reach up in the form Desecrations. On such places, gates into this realm can be formed through which a human may enter or a Demon might leave. When looked upon, these gates inflict tormenting visions of evil that cause Degeneration.

Hell is a place unrelated to the other realms of existence, (the Shadow, the Underworld, the Abyss etc.), and laws that govern these realms seem to not apply to it. Mages place it among the Lower Depths. Werewolves see it as the domain of the Maeljin, an arch-Wound beyond every other mortal Wound. Other supernaturals have their own point of views, often mired in mortal traditions, so that there is little certain way of charting Hell into a comprehensive cosmology.