Helios is a powerful Celestine that is thought by some Uratha to be the "brother" to Luna. In contrast to her, Helios is steadfast and unchanging.


While Luna acts as a guardian of the Shadow against alien spirits from the greater Universe, Helios instead pushes everything within the lunar sphere “in”, creating the Shadow's internal gravity and keeping Essence fixed into that realm, as well as pressing spirits outside the realm. Uratha that have tried to barter with aerial spirits to reach higher find themselves unable to cross the stratosphere, as Helios' solar winds become too powerful for them.

While Helios has a similar cadre of spirits as Luna's Lunes, known as Helions, the great Celestine has neither forgotten nor forgiven that it were the Forsaken who killed Father Wolf and are responsible for the following Sundering. Since Father Wolf was the one who hunted the spirits that fled before Helios' presence, he has, unknowingly, become the source of much of the material world's woes. Despite his antagonism to the werewolves, Helios offers his patronage to a much smaller population of shapeshifters of were-bulls, called the Baal-Hadad or Gudthabak.