Rage card depicting Heckles-the-Wyrm.

Heckles-the-Wyrm is a rank 1 metis Ragabash Get of Fenris who lives in Luxor, Egypt, under the protection of House Wiseheart. He has no claws. He grew up in Norway, born from a Get of Fenris mother and an unknown father, in a glacial sept controlled by the Silver Fangs. He is resourceful, quick, sharp tongued, and quick-witted. He speaks Norwegian, and very poor Arabic and doesn't know how to read it. He is young and brash, but has had most of the arrogance smacked out of him. He was taught growing up that Garou are the dominant species and that dominance is best shown through force, and is often regarded as weak because his lack of claws keeps him from doing that easily. This makes him wonder how many Metis have been passed over for being strong in different ways, and if the Fera really were too weak to survive, as he has been told.

He has a slingshot fetish that causes any stones fired from it to glow eerily and emit shrill, maniacal laughter. He knows the Rite of Spirit Binding, so the stones he shoots from it can emit foul smells or cause momentary darkness. He appears thin and weak, although he is in fact, fairly wiry, and could probably hold his own in fight with another Garou if it weren't for his lack of claws. He is blond and fair-skinned due to his Norwegian heritage, and thus often wears a headdress and scarf to keep from getting sunburn.

While in Norway, he had been in touch with another metis Get in America, named Dane Praised-of-Fenris, who has been trying unsuccessfully to atone for the deeds of his ancestors during the War of Rage. Heckles' ancestors informed him in the form of visions and dreams that he and Dane were actually distant cousins and that their family had sired several metis over the years. Heckles was preparing to go to America when the Ahadi led him to the Middle East. He is currently seeking out other Fera to improve relations, and he would make a good ally or unwitting pawn to whomever he finds first. [1]


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