The psychokinetic can extinguish open fires with a glance. He psionically halts the fire’s molecular motion, cooling even a red-hot ember. A skilled psion can snuff a bonfire in an instant. Not even warm ash remains.


Spend two points and roll Psi. Your character can reduce a fire’s intensity by an amount equal to his Psi score plus one for each success you roll. The area doused covers a number of meters in radius equal to this same total.

If the fire is not put out completely with the first effort, its intensity is at least reduced by the amount rolled for two turns. After that point, the surrounding heat excites the Fire back to its former intensity - unless the blaze is extinguished in the meantime, of course.

Heat Sink is a reactive effect. Your character cannot use it to snuff an explosion before it goes off; even trying to “bleed OFF” the tremendous heat as an explosion occurs would be very tricky (the Storyteller should impose a +2 difficulty on any attempt to douse an explosion in the same turn in which it erupts).

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