Heart's Desire is a Combination Discipline between Auspex level 4 and Chimerstry level 2.


With this power, a Ravnos can reach into a target’s heart and create an image of her greatest desire. This image always manifests as a material object. For example, if the target desires a specific lover, she’ll see a letter from that person professing his love. Phuri Dae and Brahman Ravnos use this power to gain influence over others. Many people, faced with their heart’s desire, are likely to do anything to achieve it.

Note that simply creating the illusion does not automatically convince the target. This power grants the Ravnos a potential advantage, but it’s up to her to make use of it.


The player must spend a blood point and a Willpower point, then roll Intelligence + Subterfuge (difficulty is the target's Willpower) to discern the target's heart's desire and create a reasonable facsimile. Three successes are necessary for this to work properly. Once the Ravnos creates the object, she can recreate it at will (so long as the player spends the blood point and Willpower point to create the illusion), unless the subject's heart's desire changes.


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