The Hearse Riders are a well-known and popular Renegade gang based out of Atlanta.


The Riders flaunt the Dictum Mortuum by using their Arcanoi and an artifact hearse to interfere in the skinlands. More to the point, they cause drunk and reckless drivers to get into car accidents.

The Atlanta Hierarchy has a substantial reward for information leading to the capture of The Hearse Riders, but none have stepped forward to collect it. Only a Heretic named Joel Chandler Harris has any knowledge of the Riders' true identities, or that the Riders are all children.

In addition to their vendetta against reckless drivers, they also seem to have a vendetta against the Atlanta Iron Legion's Anacreon, Justin Whately, and have tried to run him down with the hearse on several occasions. They have also targeted members of The Sons of the Imperial Dragon, running down three of their members.

Notable MembersEdit

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