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Ravnos Antediluvian

The ancient himself bathed alone and emerged from his ablutions freshly painted in ashes, his Eye closed, his hair twisted into a crown of braids adorned with ornaments of gold and copper wire and polished garnets, naked but for his silken kilt.
  —  Beckett's describing Hazimel

Hazimel was a Ravnos methuselah, a fourth generation vampire, whose Eye became a powerful artifact capable of great destruction.


Like Odin, Hazimel had paid a price for his wisdom, for he was missing an eye. The limitless depths of that empty socket were as dark as the rest of the man. Not in skin— that would be a superficial description for a creature such as this—but again in his aura. His entirety seemed as depthless and boundless as a black hole.
  — Clan Novel Saga Volume 1: The Fall of Atlanta

Not much is known about Hazimel, only that he originated in India and was a rebellious childe that left his sire after an undefined period of time. Rumors tell that he was a stonemason in life who used his Eye as a method of control over various rulers.

V20 TimelineEdit

He was born "far to the north," in what was universally agreed to be the early years of Zapathasura's long war against the asuratziyya.

- He is described, in more than one source, as being a "holy warrior," guardian of a goddess in flesh who is changeably described as his actual sister or someone as beloved to him as a sister would be.

- Hazimel's sister/goddess/ward is also a great enemy of the asuratziyya and the implication is that she incarnated specifically to protect her people from their atrocities. This is naturally not a safe thing to do, and Hazimel is kept rather busy defending her from all sorts of threats, while she goes about her duty of bringing light and hope and life to the righteous.

- The craftiest of the asuratziyya put their heads together and come up with a plan — not to destroy Hazimel, but to deceive him into destroying his sister/goddess/ward with his own hands, tricking him into believing that she is one of the asuratziyya.

- Hazimel goes utterly insane with grief, clawing out the eyes used to deceive him and flees blind, bloody, and craving his own death into the mountains beyond. He's found by Zapathasura, who recognizes in him one who has been profoundly wronged by the asuratziyya, and offers him sweet revenge.

- Hazimel accepts — in many cases, he arises from his Embrace now bearing the nazar, having compounded the initial evil act with something arguably far worse in the name of vengeance. From this point he is called, almost exclusively, The Rakshasa.

- One of Hazimel's siblings, Ravana, betrays the others in the name of power; Hazimel is particularly cited in more than one source as being the only one to see through his deceptions for his nazar — his own Evil Eye — cannot be tricked by lesser darkness. Ravana flees rather than face certain destruction and the two either clash repeatedly or else Ravana dies at Mohenjo-daro.

  —  Beckett's Jyhad Diary

Beckett also mentioned that Hazimel had several pairs of arms with talons and made low guttural sounds.


He may have survived the Week of Nightmares.