In Demon: the Fallen, Hasmed is one of the Fallen. Before the Fall, he was the Throne of the Mountain Winds, and was a battle comrade to the Angel Gaviel (the Throne of the Summer Sun), Sabriel (the Angel of the Oceans), and various others who become Fallen. His master is Vodantu, one of the Neberu, the House of Fate. Vodantu knows Hasmed's True Name, and uses it as leverage to get Hasmed to perform whatever his Master desires.

After the gates to the Abyss have been broken wide open, Hasmed is one of the many to flee. He possess the body of Harvey Ciullo, a nobody one-bit Mafia thug. It is through him that Hasmed begins to build the foundations in the Mortal World, for the return of his master Vodantu. Along the way, He makes enemies with Avitu, one of the Earthbound, who went from being an Angel of Understanding and Knowledge, to a Demon of Ignorance; gets involved with many schemes of power and the like; teams up with the demon Rabbadun, an old battle buddy from the same house as his master, whom he later betrays and usurps and cannibalizes his essence; and in the process, rediscovers what made him a Guardian, a Protector. He finds this in his mortal host's daughter, Tina, who reawakens the old warrior instinct in Hasmed. In the end, he is betrayed by Vondantu, who is angered by Hasmed's defiance and his decision to protect Humanity, as opposed to destroying them. In an utterance of his true name and brilliant flash of light, Hasmed is unmade and destroyed completely.

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