Nicknames: Hydras, The Freak Show

The Harvesters are not only radical, but above all, freakish. Since he joined the Teragen, the brilliant Altaz "The Apothecary" Zia has made the Harvesters a home for those Teragen members so Taint-ridden that they have nowhere else to hide. Holed up in secluded locations across the globe, the Harvesters tire of hiding and are itching to show the world the beauty and horror of Taint. Most prowl at night, avenging themselves on the baselines who abandoned them. Unfaithful or unsupportive family and friends are usually the first victims, before the Harvesters move on to more visible targets like Project Utopia and T2M. The Harvesters take their name from their dream of harvesting Taint for power, though some would prefer to reap the human race.

Membership: The Harvesters are an exclusive group, tied not by ideals or philosophy but their hideous inhumanity. Not all Harvesters are monstrous in appearance, in a select few Taint has unhinged their psyches turning them into serial killers and psychopaths that make the Manson family and Ted Bundy look like preschoolers. Zia brings most Hydras into the movement and look after them like his children.

Motivation: The Harvesters have one goal in mind, the eradication of the baseline virus. Darwinist in the extreme, they argue novas are the new dominant species on the planet, and if something is not done to limit baselines, their sheer number might even drown out the One Race. Zia argues for a period of study before any extermination begins and shuns displays of outright violence, while others want to get into the action right away.

Allies and Foes: Respected and feared among the Teragen, the Harvesters' greatest threat is an internal one. Many Hydras see The Apothecary as a weakling baseline because his Taint manifest psychologically and not physically. Leviathan is starting to grumble that the Harvesters should be led by those who embrace Taint, not those who hide behind theories.

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