Harasvarupa Nishiitharudhira Amaravati




Ravnos/Phuri Dae

Harasvarupa Nishiitharudhira Amaravati (often referred to simply as Amaravati in conversations) was a Ravnos Elder of the Brahmin jati, qualifying her as a Phuri Dae.


An accomplished sadhu and learned in the ways of the Path of Paradox, Amaravati faced discrimination within her Caste, especially from her grandsire, because her very existence was an infringement on the Path of Paradox (which explicitly states embracing women as a sin).

Eventually, her grandsire tried to banish her to the lower ranks, which she took as an opportunity to leave her homeland behind and travel to the west. Disgusted with the excesses of the Sybarites and the tenets of the false Path of Paradox, Amaravati remained a vehement follower of the true doctrine of mayaparisatya, willing to teach those Ravnos who sought to learn more about their heritage. She was also a contemporary of the Phaedymite Ravnos Marcia Felicia Licina and taught her much of the customs of the indian main branch of the Clan.

She eventually fell into Torpor and reawakened only recently, discipulizing adherents of the false Path of Paradox to accept the true Path. She was known to reside in Iraq before the Week of Nightmares, and is reputed among Ravnos who recognized her name to have close ties with the Assamites. She vanished during the Week of Nightmares and is assumed to have met the Final Death.