Garou glyph for pain and suffering.

Harano is a psychological condition that hinders some werewolves.


In the Modern Nights, Harano becomes a serious problem for many Garou who are faced with the seemingly desperate and hopeless battle against the Wyrm, and the slow and painful death of Gaia through humanity's shortcomings. Harano is an inexplicable gloom, inexpressible longing for unnamable things, weeping for that which is not yet lost. Some say it is depression caused by contemplation of Gaia's suffering. Garou who suffer from Harano are prone to depression, lassitude and sudden mood swings. They may not act at all, or may explode into intense but ill-advised activity.

Garou of every tribe suffer from Harano but the Silver Fangs are especially prone to it. Some Garou believe that the Silver Fangs' burden of Harano is greater than the others' because the Fangs in some way did more to cause Gaia's suffering than did the other tribes. Proposing such a theory is enough to provoke a violent response from some Fangs; most are wise enough to keep silent on this matter.



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