Haqim (as he called himself, Assamites call him the False Haqim) was an Assamite ghoul that had his hands in the foundation of the Hashishin sect.

Originally, Haqim (who wore another name during this time) was the protégé of an Assamite warrior in the Clan’s war against the Baali in the 7th century. He was chosen by his domitor for his gift of “true sight”, which allowed him to discern the true nature of things, able to see beyond the illusions casted by Obfuscate and Chimerstry, as well as which people carried Caine’s curse. When his domitor was killed by a Baali, the ghouls mind broke and he fled into the desert. He used his gifts to kill several vampires to still his craving for vitae, among them many Assamites, and even assumed the name of their Antediluvian founder to mock the Clan. When he learned of a place called Aluh Amut and a sect of mortal assassins, he went there and assumed the mantle of leadership from them. Although his influence within the fort was small, he used his gifts to find others that possessed the true sight and taught them in the ways of battle in order to hunt Cainites and grant them their blood, parodying the traditions of the blood tithe from the Clan he came from.

Many Assamites tried to erase the stain the False Haqim brought upon their name, but they all failed. This, in turn, earned him the respect of many among the Clan’s warriors, who began to mimic the tactics of terror from the Hashishin.

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