Name: Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
Born: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Created: Unknown, probably late 1800's.
Lineage: Galatea
Refinement: Unknown
Creator/Demiurge: "Father"
Offspring: Jake Tanner (aka Beauregard)

The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, also called Daughter of the Hangman, is the signature character for the Galatea Lineage in Promethean: The Created. At least a century old but appearing to be only sixteen, she is largely dominated by childlike attitudes, including a clinging nature and great malice towards those she feel has truly wronged her. Her experience gives her the knowledge how to use her Galateid abilities quite well, if not wisely. She counts among her allies the other Promethean signature characters, most notably Zo Malek and Mr Verney.

The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter was brought into being by an unknown Paphoi she only knew as "Father" or "Daddy", who claimed to be a hangman in the Old West in his life before his Promethean existence. They lived together peacefully on the edge of the frontier for more than a decade, until a silver prospector struck pay dirt near their cabin. The residents of the boom town that subsequently sprung up eventually decided, thanks to Disquiet, that the stranger on the edge of town was up to no good. Going into town to drink one day, Father returned bloodied instead of drunk; the townsfolk formed a mob that quickly followed him, trapped him in the cabin, and burned it to the ground.

The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter was sent off to an orphanage where she was tormented and tortured by the other girls and the headmistress. Almost driven to murder the other girls in her sleep, she instead used her Promethean abilities to exact her revenge. She made the girls love her, and would set them against each other to compete for her affection. The headmistress was driven mad in a similar fashion. Eventually, a rich man came to the orphanage looking to adopt a girl, and the Daughter of the Hangman used her abilities to make him choose her so she could finally escape the horrible place.

In more modern nights, the Hangman's Beautiful Daughter has become an exotic dancer and stripper, drifting from town to town and club to club as her Disquiet affects her bosses and co-workers. In one town, her abusive boss Jake Tanner confronted her and, secretly attracted to his abusive ways, she ended up knocking him out, kidnapping him, and killing him via asphyxiation in the trunk of her car. Reviving him as a Galateid she named Beauregard, the two drifted from place together until Beauregard, apparently retaining much of his old attitudes and memories, left her to travel to Boston and make his own way in the world. The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter was lost without him, but hoping to work up the courage to go to Boston and find him.


Her name references The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, an album by The Incredible String Band.