Hand of the Master Artisan, is a Combination Discipline between Auspex level 1 and Celerity level 1.


Toreador employ this power to create laborious works of art with impossible speed and precision. Painters casually daub the work of hours in a blur of minutes, while sculptors appear to mold clay as though it were somehow alive.


The vampire’s player spends one point of Willpower plus a variable quantity of blood. The desired artistic task has its duration divided by the number of blood points spent, rounded up. Thus, a mosaic that normally required three hours to assemble would require only one if the vampire’s player spent 3 blood points. The trance of accelerated speed applies only to the single selected task. The vampire may break off and perform other actions without breaking the power, as long as he spends no more than a single hour away from the endeavor. This power may aid only in acts of deliberate artistic creation.


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