The Hand of Conrad is a vampiric artifact.

It consists of the severed hand of a powerful Brujah. The hand appears to be mummified, but if held to the wrist of a vampire it will attach itself and come to life. Of course, the vampire wishing to use the hand must first sever her own hand to provide a stump for Conrad’s hand. The hand supposedly grants the possessor increased Potence, Courage and Brawl. The hand is also rumored to have the power to raise the dead, but many believe this to be pure speculation.


The Hand of Conrad appears in the game Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption as a non-human kind of weapon that deals 30 of Aggravated Damage, at 99 of speed. It gives the wearer Potence +3.



Players Guide to the Sabbat, p. 153-154

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