The Hacienda is a Goblin Market.


When a wealthy bootlegger first ordered the mansion constructed back in the twenties, the neighborhood surrounding boasted some of the wealthiest homes in the city. Since then, however, the area’s fortunes have experienced a precipitous fall. Now the mansion, like the other homes around it, stands dark, neglected and abandoned. Thick yellow and gray grime coats the white stucco walls, broken tiles from the roof punctuate the cracked walks and algae chokes the once immaculate grotto.

Every nine days, however, the fae fall upon the house, converting its many rooms into a cramped bazaar. Veils hang across the ceilings and break up rooms, the various transactions and services obscured by only the thinnest translucent cloth. The air is thick with opium, incense and the heavy scent of exotic spices. On these nights, the grotto tucked behind the house becomes a gateway to the Hedge, and the patio surrounding it is the freehold’s premier location to wheel, deal, and socialize, especially with Lost visiting from other regions (and, if rumor is to be believed, also a few vampires, wizards and even stranger creatures).


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