The Hyper Intelligence Technologies Mark V is the most recent in the series of robots, created in 1984.


A HIT Mark V sent out into public appear to be unique men or women, with the exception of the eyes, which will flash laser-red every few seconds. They also typically wear trenchcoats or other concealing clothing, presumably to cover their bulk. They're engineered to match or exceed human physical capabilities. While only of average intelligence, they have access to a vast store of computerized data.

The Mark V's body is cast from Primium alloy, encasing a human brain and a system of life-sustaining fluids. When among the Masses, HIT Marks are covered in a layer of skin through a process involving being dunked in a Progenitor tank of liquid flesh. The flesh bonds to the skeleton, and a BioMechanic can alter the features as desired.

When HIT Marks enter combat mode, chain guns pop from their arm cavities, laser sights flip down over their eyes, and razor-sharp tungsten talons slide from fingertip sheaths.

Some few Masters of Mind among the Technocracy will transfer their consciousnesses into HIT Marks when danger is imminent, or even seek a more permanent solution, requesting a physical transferral of their brain should their bodies be too damaged.[1][2][3]

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