The Gutted Ghob is an infamous Prison of the Hedge in the form of a giant traveling beast.


It’s a traveling prison, lumbering around on two massive legs, each as round as a giant redwood. That’s right, the Gutted Ghob is alive... sort of. It’s a massive beast with a midsection emptied of its contents and made to fit about 30 different prisoners, from hobgoblins to changelings to, as noted, exiled Keepers. The bones remain, making for excellent cages, but the rest of the guts and viscera were discarded long ago.

One would think that the removal of such critical bits would kill any creature big or small, and they’d be more or less correct — the Ghob is actually kept alive by some manner of Hedge necromancy, the rituals performed nightly by the hobgoblin guards that live within the creature’s abdominal shell. The hollow-eyed beast isn’t really alive at all, then, just animated — it has minimal intelligence and its hulking form is urged from one trod to the next by those guards that pilot the thing.

The traveling prison beast known as the Gutted Ghob is a great place to learn Goblin Contracts — not only is the belly-filled prison rife with all manner of deviant characters who might know such sneaky tricks, but many have left behind arcane secrets scrawled into the bones of the Ghob itself. As such, while enduring a stay within the Gutted Ghob, a character may learn one new Goblin Contract at a cost of new dots x 2 instead of the normal cost.


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